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where did everyone go?! :(
MMX GOD show me the booty!
eat my butt
Someone say ButtGobblin'?
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Auger Annihilated!

Yarrp A posted May 21, 17

8/10M! It felt good to get past this hump. 2 heals 1 tank action, and not standing in eyes got us a much deserved kill. Keep it up! 

Mythic Tichondrius Trounced!

Yarrp A posted May 10, 17

7/10! We are a raid team! Excellent job downing yet another boss in the NH! Only a few left! Lets keep it up!

Buh Bye Botanist!

Yarrp A posted Apr 29, 17

After struggling a small amount with melee standing on tanks, we were able to take this terrifying trio down to the ground! Excellent work all around, and thanks to the raiders we had to swap in and out for being patient. Only a few more left in NH! Lets finish stong! 6/10M!

Spellblade Vanquished!

Yarrp A posted Apr 19, 17

<Discord> Whats up! Although I have seen so many boss kills in this guild, nothing compares to the cleanliness and perfect execution shown by the team tonight! I'm so proud of what we have become, and theres only one way to go... thats up! Keep it going!

Catbeartree lol! Don't worry about it &lt;3
Yarrp A I'll post the shot with the snowman in the forums, the banner on the bottom took you out :(

Krosus Schmosus

Yarrp A posted Apr 9, 17

After some heartwrenching wipes, including one at 0%, we finally managed to down this guy. Last attempt of the night, and a near flawless performance from everyone helped push us to 4/10M! Keep up the good work, let's keep on doing our thing. 

Quadcore A womp womp! great job guys!
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The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 80%
Trial of Valor: 67%
Tomb of Sargeras: 89%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 100%